The Prospective Guide to Commercial Fishing in Alaska

The Prospective Guide to Commercial Fishing in Alaska Summary

So you’re interested in a little northern adventure, eh? A little salt in your hair, jellyfish in your nose, and tears in your eyes? Well, good news — the “last frontier” isn’t all hype. There’s some substance to your dreams. 
But be warned, we’re talking about going down the rabbit hole, here. 
If you succeed in landing a job, commercial fishing may very well turn your life on its head, skew your perspective, scramble your priorities. It’s not just another job. It’s an alternative lifestyle; a full-immersion experience. And once a person becomes accustomed to it — the physical exertion, the isolation, the money, the mental strain, and the absurd beauty of it all — it’s difficult to go back to a normal life. Because, in comparison, normal life is boring, easy, monotonous. 

This Book offers a practical approach to getting your foot in the door of this lucrative industry. At about 8,000 words, it's not stuffed with fluff and useless info, just what you need to know to get on the path north. Included are detailed tables of fishing seasons and regional money breakdowns to help you pick your point of attack, and personal accounts from the author to give you a realistic perspective of what to expect. Full-color photos and an FAQ section round out this little beauty of a catch.

But hey, this Prospective Guide isn’t here to hold your hand and walk you step-by-step through your adventure. Because that’s not adventure. No, this guide is here to offer some perspective. To share some tales. To offer a few opinions. To help you decide on which path to take. But the joy remains in the unknown.

That’s the Prospective Perspective.

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