Reach for the Spy

Reach for the Spy Summary

Book 3 of the NEVER SAY SPY series

Middle-aged bookkeeper Aydan Kelly never wanted to moonlight as a spy, but she doesn’t have a choice. Working with computer networks in a secured building sounds safe, but it turns out the job’s a killer – literally.

When Aydan’s trusted co-worker is shot while committing an apparently treasonous act, Aydan embarks on a secret mission to clear his name. But her investigation casts suspicion on the director of operations himself. If he’s a double agent, Aydan’s in more danger than she ever imagined… and national security hangs in the balance.

- Spicy suspense served hard-boiled -

Books in the series:

Book 1: Never Say Spy
Book 2: The Spy Is Cast
Book 3: Reach For The Spy
Book 4: Tell Me No Spies
Book 5: How Spy I Am
Book 6: A Spy For A Spy
More books coming...

Book Reviews


Fresh air5 star

Reading these books is like a breath of fresh air! Love the quirky style ! Never a dull moment! Please, keep writing like this!55

Beep bop 201

Great read!5 star

Reading the whole series this summer! Thanks for writing this!!55


1-4 Spy Series5 star

Fast moving, great twisted character, but keeps me awake Most of the night!55


Spy seeies5 star

Exciting and grabing interest to continue the series!55


Best one yet!5 star

Thoroughly enjoyed this third book in the series. Unlike the previous two the story pulled me in immediately, perhaps bc it picks up about week after book 2 so not a lot of groundwork to be laid. Great story arc and love the continuity of developing the supporting characters. I think most readers will figure out the bad guy well before the end and frankly so should the protagonist but it was still a very enjoyable read. Highly recommend.55


...can't stop reading 'em!5 star

I've read the entire series three times! Excellent writing and creative story. Once you start reading, you won't be able to put the book down.55

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