The Spy Is Cast

The Spy Is Cast Summary

…If a kickass middle-aged bookkeeper got sucked into a spy’s life…

When a clandestine government agency recruits middle-aged bookkeeper Aydan Kelly, she overcomes her fear and agrees to go undercover at a lavish gala affair. But the glamour of the mission fades fast when she finds herself astride a motorcycle, assigned to an all-male surveillance team.
Aydan discovers spies are using classified technology to torture information from their captives. Worse, they know she’s breached their security. Now she has to prevent them from revealing her true identity, while avoiding capture by the vicious criminals who won’t hesitate to torture her, too.

* * *

Contains coarse language, moderate violence, and sexuality. The story can stand alone but will be more enjoyable if the series is read in order.

“Fierce and fantastic – a totally different type of heroine who keeps you clinging to the edge of your seat!”

“If Janet Evanovich’s quirky humour met Robert Ludlum’s taut thrillers, the Never Say Spy series would be their love child: racy, fun, and action-packed!”

Books in the series:

Book 1: Never Say Spy
Book 2: The Spy Is Cast
Book 3: Reach For The Spy
Book 4: Tell Me No Spies
Book 5: How Spy I Am
Book 6: A Spy For A Spy
Book 7: Spy, Spy Away
Book 8: Spy Now, Pay Later
Book 9: Spy High
Book 10: Spy Away Home
Book 11: The Spies That Bind
Book 12: Kiss And Say Good Spy
Book 13: Once Burned, Twice Spy
Book 14: Friends In Spy Places
More books coming...

Themes: thriller, humorous, strong female lead, racy & risque, mystery, fun, women sleuths, espionage, middle-aged protagonist, spy thriller series, women sleuths series, mystery series, amateur sleuths, female protagonist, action-packed, government agents, small towns, technothrillers, women's adventure, tough women

Book Reviews


Innocent bystander and sexy spy4 star

This is the second volume in a fairly long set. I still like the characters (see review of _Never Say Spy_). I said in that review that if she left the relationship between the main characters unresolved. She did here. By by Spy series. Meanwhile-back-at-the-ranch as a technique can work very well _inside_ a story, but, to my mind, it is unfair to the reader to leave the same kind of unfinished plot and/or relationship hang between books.45

Beep bop 201

Loved it!5 star

Great read, you won’t be disappointed. Be sure to read them in succession55

Southern Flower

Can't stop reading5 star

These books are addictive. What an amazing writer!55


The Spy is Cast4 star

This book kept me on the edge of my seat. My only complaint is the cursing. I won't be reading any more books by Diane Henders due to the cursing; however, if there is a way to edit out cursing I'll happily read them all!45


Excellent5 star

The plot only seems to get better!55


Very enjoyable4 star

Really enjoyed this second book in the series. Protagonist is like able though a few times in the story arc her actions are inconsistent with the way the character has been developed. Great premise, interesting plot. Again, as in the first book the story starts a little slowly but improves dramatically. Scary thought that something like this could happen in the not so distant future! Highly recommend.45

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