Dear Writer, Are You In Burnout?

Dear Writer, Are You In Burnout? Summary

I know what you're feeling right now...

Chances are good, if you clicked on this title, you're confused, frustrated, overwhelmed... maybe even angry.

Not because I know something about you personally. Not because I'm spying on you, or I've re-programmed your Alexa or Siri to dictate your conversations to me and keep them on my hard drive. No. I know what you're feeling, because it's the same thing we're all feeling right now.

How do I know this?

Because I have coached thousands of writers. Six- and seven-figure authors, major award winners, midlisters, and new authors alike. And there are patterns to what writers think and feel about our careers and our books. Those patterns are why I'm here, writing to you. 

If you are overwhelmed, tired, frustrated with your career or your sales... if you're stuck or stalled... come and join me inside these pages, and we'll talk about why.

Why is key.

We've got this. It's tackle-able. Let's get you out of this pit.

- Becca

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