Simple Rules for Effective Business Communication

Simple Rules for Effective Business Communication Summary

Revised edition October 2014.

Sometimes it's not what you say, but what you do. Have you ever parked the company car, the one with the logo on it, in a disable parking spot? What does that communicate about you, or more importantly, your business?

Simple Rules for Effective Business Communication isn't just about how to write a letter, it's also about why you might be writing that letter, or why you should be dressing a certain way, or behaving (or not behaving!) in a certain manner, to ensure that you communicate exactly what it is that you WANT to communicate about your business.

This booklet is as applicable to small business owners as it is to their staff, their managers and larger businesses.

Short and to the point, this book outlines simple rules and food for thought to help you communicate more effectively in your business dealings.

Updated April 2018.

Book Reviews


The steps5 star

I really liked the steps at the end of the book. A great way to remember how to deliver a good communication.55

Kj Da Youngstar

Great book5 star

Great book and very informative55


I like4 star

This book allows you to understand the possibilities if you stick with basic knowledge and then branch out further45


Good message.3 star

I was a little surprised to find "you audience" vs. "your audience" just before the proofreading stage! Still a good message!35


Good one5 star

Simple points, precisely pointing out what's important for effective communications.55


Sweet & to the point5 star

Informative in a manner that can be used immediately in my personal & business life.55


An oz of help3 star

This was a little but won't be if you have read anything else on communication.35

Great5 star

Really interesting. Thank you.55


It was simple, nothing new, but good information.4 star

Personally, the book was informative like getting a refresher course of something that we already knew. It was a quick read, nothing fancy, no hoopla and no surprise. This book is good to have as a reference book.45


Effective communication4 star

A clear, simple and concise piece of work. A good review for experienced hands and a great introduction for any new member of your organization.45

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