Blood Orchids

Blood Orchids Summary

Paradise has a dark side.

She can't stop thinking about a drowned girl's face... because it reminds her of her own.

Overcoming a past filled with scars, Lei makes a life for herself and her dog, Keiki, as a cop in the sleepy Big Island town of Hilo. When a routine patrol turns up two murdered teens, Lei's world is rocked. She knows one of the girls, and she can't rest until she finds answers—not only about the victims, but about her own shadowed past as well.

She'll look so beautiful...once she's dead.

He knows he's twisted. He knows he's wrong. He just doesn't care. But now there's a female cop on his trail that won't give up, and she's gonna be next.

"Blood Orchids satisfies on every level. A powerful talent is on the scene, whole-heartedly recommended."-Drew Cross, former police officer, author of BiteMarks

Grab this fast paced mystery with a twist of romance, and take a trip to Hawaii with the series that's sold more than a million copies!

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Blood Orchids5 star

Good Read!55


Blood orchids5 star

Loved the booked but what happened to Stevens? Life couldn’t be that unfair to Lei!55

Bun Brrabbid Lop


This eBook is the first book of the series of Lei Texeira, female police officer. It is a mystery. Has much suspense. Has many twists and turns. Also, has other issues like child abuse. The author, Toby Neal--she eases this into the story. Loved the dog! It is set in the Hawaii islands. Michael Stevens is the lead detective on the case. This adds some romance between Lei and Michael. Old fashioned romance--not hurried; with a promise of more to come. I enjoyed the ""Pidjin Language""! Toby Neal is a new author to me. She develops other characters easily. The book kept me intrigued--kept me reading for long periods of time. There are more than one plot in this book! And, all are not left in cliff hangers. New favorite author. This eBook was free. I will gladly pay to read the rest of the series. And, any other books she writes. 🐰🐰🐰55


Blood Orchids5 star

I have read the first two books by Toby Neal and love her writing style. She keeps you in suspense totally. Great read.55

reading vixen

Good read.4 star

Good read.45


Blood orchid5 star

Really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more in the series. Like able, interesting lead and supporting characters.55

Mr. Doge faced Pooskay

Like it4 star

The names can be confusing though, like what kind of a last name is “Watanabe” anyway.45

Ashlee Suzanne

Blood Orchid5 star

Author Toby Neal's Blood Orchid is a breath of fresh air. The characters are intriguing as is the plot. Great read.55

Dotti Smith

Blood orchids5 star

I loved it. Such memories of places visited and with folks of Hawaiian heritage.55


Slow Starter3 star

Hard to stick with it through the first half (seemed slow & drawn out to me), but the pace picked up during the last half.35

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