Calum's Exile

Calum's Exile Summary

Season 2, Episode 1: Calum’s Exile. Clan Season 2 kicks off at a cracking pace!

...Cumberland’s army, fresh from their easy victory at Culloden, is running amok right across the Highlands.

And against the systematic slaughter ordered by the king, our heroes Calum Maclean and Big John Mackintosh must make a dash for Glasgow to find passage to the New World, or die trying.

Their 150 miles journey is through a country swarming with English soldiers who are murdering men, women and children and plundering anything of value.

Every day they remain in their beloved Scotland, they are in mortal danger, but they can’t just ride by and let the innocent perish.

Colonel York is dead, but his hand reaches from the grave for one last act of vengeance. The assassin sent to kill Calum is the best of the worst. Unstoppable, and without mercy.

The new journey has begun.

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