Captains Courageous

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Through a series of trials and adventures, the youth learns to adjust to his rough new life and, with the help of his friend, the captain's son Dan Troop, he makes progress. Eventually, the schooner returns to port and Harvey wires his parents. They rush cross-country by their private rail car, given priority over commercial traffic, to Boston, Massachusetts. From there they go to the fishing town of Gloucester to find that their son has matured to become an industrious, serious and considerate young man.

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Great book5 star

READ IT YA’LL!!! It’s good.55


Captains Courageous4 star

Kipling's story would be lost on a generation of millennial snowflakes. The idea that hard work and risks are worth more than fortunes is contrary to their ideas of getting everything at someone else's expense. I love the story, and the phonetics used by KipIing add to the depth of the characters.45

From Water

Captain Courageous4 star

A time and place of Americana and east coast marine life, this book captures the romantic era of Grand Banks fishery amidst the backdrop of the impending newness of the Industrial Age.45

Bill DeVille

Captains Courageous5 star

A masterpiece by Kipling. I read it when I was a kid and enjoyed it. I reread it recently (at age 82) and enjoyed it even more.55


Captain's Courageous4 star

Once one gets past the 19th century fisherman jargon, the universal growing up, coming of age, and value of the daily work message delivers real value for young folks who are developing their character for their future lives.45


Captains Courageous5 star

I love this book. It shows Kipling was so much more than a one trick pony! You ask yourself How he could possibly have picked up the feel of the lives described in this story just from research? In this you can smell the smells and see the sights of the 1890's on the Grand Banks. Since I'm also a big fan of the Jungle Books it's amazing this man could write with authority on two completely different "universes."55

thriller babe

Wonderful!!!5 star

This book is the best book I have ever read!!! I must say that I wish they would have put on the summary or something that the book was the abridged version. For other peeps info, if the free book is not a plain neutral wooden color, it is the abridged version. None the less, the book was amazing, nothing like the movie!!!!55

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