Cast the First Stone

Cast the First Stone Summary

Imagine seeing your future... in 3 second intervals...

Introducing Sidney Stone — Private Investigator - She's smart, she's tough and she never gives up!

Sidney Stone isn't rich, if she doesn't work she doesn't get paid. A private investigator's life can be tough in the motor city of Detroit.  

But she has a few tricks up her sleeve...

Like being able to see into her immediate future. Her very immediate future!

Returning home after completing her latest case, Sidney Stone discovers her next client waiting for her. 

Nothing out of the ordinary there except he is holding a large package addressed to her. 

She's not expecting anything so who's sending her a package? It's so large, what could be inside?

Little does she know that the package contents will change her life!

And who is this man and what problem does he have for Sidney to solve? 

Get your copy of Cast the First Stone today, to find out!

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