Clan: Season 3: Episode 1 - Calum's Country

Clan: Season 3: Episode 1 - Calum's Country Summary

Season 3, Episode 1. Clan: Calum’s Country - A Bitesize 1 hour Read.

Calum Maclean and Big John Mackintosh have returned to Scotland, to find it under the heel of the English with its people broken and beaten by barbaric treatment and unjust laws.

Their hope to stay out of trouble vanishes the moment they return to Moy Hall and Lady Anne sends them on another mission. To save the English General Richmond from the hangman.

It should be a simple rescue, but the hand of Colonel York reaches from the grave. The English are stealing everything of value. But if they are allowed to take the cattle, the Clan will starve.

Though opposition of any sort will mean deportation or death, Calum and John will not look away.

A new adventure has begun.

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