Cost of Survival

Cost of Survival Summary

World War III took my family - would the destruction claim my heart?

Mom's bleeding in my arms. She could die any moment, but not before she's made me promise three things:
Pray.Don't trust anyone.Stay alive.
I promise, but I don't know if I can keep them. Not surviving World War III doesn't scare me, it's surviving it that does.

And without the excitement of seeing Bodey everyday, did I even want to try?

If you're looking for a great dystopian romance, this book is for you.

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Book Reviews


Excellent5 star

On the more interesting end of the world I have read55


not good1 star

I didn’t get very far into the book, a few chapters maybe. It was right at the point where the ‘survivalist’ mom tells her clueless daughter that the mom will submit to continuous rape to ‘save’ the daughter. I didn’t like the daughter, main character, or her mother. Their behavior doesn’t fit the story being told and the world they live in, the whole rape thing was the last straw for me. Who wants to read a story about people who don’t like or respect and that don’t have any intelligence in their actions?15

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