Episode 1: Calum's Sword

Episode 1: Calum's Sword Summary

Season 1 - Episode 1: Calum’s Sword. “An edge-of-your-seat adventure"

Episode 1 - a complete story with a great cliff-hanger ending in the true Saturday Matinee tradition. With 13 complete Episodes to enjoy in 1-hour Bitesized Reads, all racing towards a Season Finale that'll blow your socks off!
A rip-roaring adventure that’ll have you cheering for our heroes and booing the villains…
Just rollicking good fun - think Robin Hood, The Three Musketeers, Hornblower...

...An historical adventure following a true hero in a time of war.
Calum Maclean is a sword-for-hire and a thorn in the side of anyone who sets himself up as Authority.
He returns to the Highlands from the war in Flanders where he fought for the English, for a price, to find Bonnie Prince Charlie has arrived and war with the English is inevitable.
Everyone thinks Calum will obey the Pretender. Everyone is wrong. Calum Maclean tips his hat to no man.
When his former love asks him to fetch her man from the English army, he accepts without hesitation. It's a noble cause, and Calum can't resist a noble cause. Even if it might cost him his life.
The journey has begun!
Inspired by Bernard Cornwell, but not trying to be him.

“A series of Saturday matinees! Brilliant! Pure escapism, and great fun.”
“If you enjoyed following the adventures of Richard Sharpe and his sidekick, Patrick, then you'll enjoy Calum and Big John.”
“Looking forward to reading the rest of this series. Would recommend it to anyone interested in this time period of Scottish history!”
“OK it’s not Bernard Cornwell, but it never said it was – it’s just a great read I highly recommend”
“Good fast read with plenty of tension. Look forward to the next episode. Have got the next three episodes on kindle.”
“Can't wait to read the next one - Hope there is more to come in the series and life of Calum Maclean”

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