Fool's Gold

Fool's Gold Summary

What if your first job turned into a treasure hunt?

It's 1987. Sam is a rookie geologist who finds herself working for a dodgy entrepreneur in the small South American country of Sierramar. At first, it seems as if she has made a mistake. Bored and badly paid, she struggles to adapt; thank goodness for her mad friend Gloria.

When a work trip to the jungle yields a clue to a long-hidden archaeological treasure, Sam gets involved in an expedition to uncover the truth. But she's not the only one searching, and some will kill to get there first.

Will Sam survive her first adventure?

Fool's Gold is book one in the complete Sam Harris Adventure series. If you like an exciting adventure with realistic storylines in an exotic location, set before modern technology, you'll love this novel.

Buy it now and have an adventure with Sam!

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