Kids vs Halloween: How to Scare Monsters

Kids vs Halloween: How to Scare Monsters Summary


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Are you and your kids busy getting ready for the halloween season?
Help get them ready for some of the monsters they will run into this holiday season.

This short 28 page book, will run your kids through the most popular ghost, ghouls, and monsters your young ones will be running into while out tricker treating!

This book has been designed and tested to help keep your kids engaged and interested – to maximize their absorption, and make story time even more fun!

Kids of different ages can enjoy this book, and will read it again and again. 

I hope you enjoy!

Book Reviews


Great book!5 star

Love it! And the ghostbusters part.55


No Story Available1 star

Cannot get passed Title page “Chapter 1” :-\15


There’s a problem1 star

It’s not letting me read the book >:(15

Towelie 420

Black cat comment4 star

“Don't let a black cat walk in front of you!” This should not be in the book. It’s complete nonsense and there are a lot of idiots out there that hurt black cats because of this. I have a black cat and in the 12 years I’ve had him, he’s never brought me bad luck.45

#Drowning in books

Pretty good!5 star

Like it! Very helpful because my son is scared of ghosts! He took a iron sword ( fake) and dressed up as a ghostbuster! 😂 u shoulda seen him!!!💠55

azalea khloe best friends

Not good 🤮🤢3 star

Too short!!!!!!!!!!35

Lawrence Z. Tai

👮‍♂️vs.🧟🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️5 star

Not sure if it’s true.55

David Tran 👮🏽‍♀️

This is a cool Book is he saying5 star

Cool book55


Bad1 star

I could not read it but in my opinion I think it’s great because these are great book and also my favorite so nothing is wrong15


I love the hallowing story5 star

It’s 85% my favorite55

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