Shadow Hunters

Shadow Hunters Summary

Alex is forced to start over- new town, new school and new name. This much she knows. It's what she doesn't know that could destroy her.

Alex Garretty is just a normal teenage girl until she is yanked from her home in the middle of the night. Her entire family is moved across country and given new identities. Just when Alex thinks it can't get any worse, she meets Daniel, her mysterious but charming classmate. She quickly learns she isn't the only one keeping a big secret, and Daniel's secret could cost Alex her life.

A visitor from her past arrives in town and Alex must quickly learn who she can trust. When she discovers the truth about her own destiny, Alex must find a way to accept it and even more importantly, a way to survive.

Book Reviews

natahlia sierra katrina teston

Shadow hunters5 star

Shadow hunters I will always believe in them in real life maybe they are real to all of us we all just don’t know it yet in the world they will find us someday in our life one by one maybe I will become a shadow hunter in my life or someday they are real55


Shadow Hunters5 star

Wonderful book55


Could be better2 star

Good concept but frankly too many spelling and grammatical errors were distracting.25


So this is the REAL series...5 star

...that Cassandra Clare completely ripped off. Despite what other reviewers might claim. It was released WAY before CCs series ever hit the market. CC is the plagiarist, NOT the other way around. Get it straight, people.55


Wow! What an amazing coincidence5 star

Isn’t it so weird that this book and another series with the same name have the same concept about shadow hunting and demons? But seriously, these books are a blatant ripoff of a much better series called The Shadowhunters Chronicles by Cassandra Clare. The first book in the most popular series by Clare was released in 2007 and the last in 2014. Highly recommend you to read that much better series55


Mixed bag3 star

This book was a mixed bag for me. The basic storyline was pretty good, but I felt confused most of the book. I kept hoping it would get better. The book cover caught my eye and when I read about it, it seemed interesting, the follow through just wasn’t there. Yeah I’m sad, I had high hopes for it.35


Omg5 star

I have been on a big reading kick lately and I haven't started reading this one yet but it seems so interesting!! I can't wait!!55


Loved5 star

I loved this book, so much so I bought the rest of the Shadows trilogy. I'm in love.55

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The Shadows5 star

Loved this book! Was disappointed though that iBooks doesn't have the rest of the trilogy.55

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