Soldiers: Episode 1: Regret's Mission

Soldiers: Episode 1: Regret's Mission Summary

Soldiers: Season 1: Episode 1: Regret’s Mission - "An edge-of-your-seat Saturday matinee"
...A thrill-packed adventure that crackles with page-turning action.

Regret is a soldier with fierce independence that gets him into trouble, and a sharp mind that gets him out of it.

His skill with the Lee-Enfield rifle comes from long nights poaching in Ashdown Forest with his brother. That skill will save his life and the lives of his squad many times during the coming days and weeks of gut-wrenching tension.

When he marches with his regiment to Mons they think they’re going to give the invading Huns a bloody nose. They can’t know their force of 80,000 men is about to face an army of 500,000

The battle at Nimy Canal is brief and heroic but was always hopeless.

Staggering away from the carnage, Regret is given the most important and dangerous mission of his life. One that could change the course of this war to end all wars.

He is going to need all his skill and courage to lead his exhausted men through this suicidal mission!

Another thrill-packed journey has begun!

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