The Land That Time Forgot

The Land That Time Forgot Summary

An Apple Books Classic edition.

A World War I–era manuscript is found at sea. It tells an astonishing tale of espionage, combat, and a tropical island where evolution follows its own harrowing path. The Land That Time Forgot is the first book in famed science fiction writer Edgar Rice Burroughs’ trilogy of high-adventure tales about an undiscovered land called Caspak.

The series starts off with a German U-boat sinking a passenger ship. A handful of survivors, including an American named Bowen Tyler and several British officers, end up taking over the U-boat and eventually stranding all the combatants on a lush island that shouldn’t exist. Here, dinosaurs and Neanderthals live alongside winged humanlike hunters. To survive the nightmare trials ahead, enemies must join forces. From the first page to the last, The Land That Time Forgot is a gripping read full of unexpected twists and heart-stopping danger that will appeal to anyone who loves action-packed adventure stories.

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Gem5 star

Great little read. Fast and fun and imaginative. Hope somebody finds these guys.55


The Land That Time Forgot5 star

As always he does it again! I can't see how Edgar always manages to write intense adventure stories with so few words. Even though I read this book in just a few hours, it truly took my breath away. I highly recommend it!55


The Land that Time Forgot5 star

Once again good old Edgar comes through. He's a great story teller. Just when you think you know what's going on, he changes it up, again and again. A true master at his craft. If you like the old writers don't miss this one.55


An Engaging Read4 star

Although this is not another Tarzan, it's still a good story. The world that Burroughs presents is fascinating, yet it wasn't depicted as well as I anticipated. In short, this was a quick fun read, but not nearly as gripping as some of his other works.45


The Land that Time Forgot4 star

As a dinosaur-fanatic, this was an awesome read, but if you're not a science sort of person I don't know if this is for you. Though, if you're not into science, why are you looking at the reviews on a science fiction book? I'd like it better if this was the chronological end of the story and the ideas from the other two stories were added to this one. I also have trouble getting over how suddenly the romance built between Bowen and Lys... but that's all personal preference. All things considered, this is an interesting story; definitely worth reading.45

They bribed me with gold

Excellent book considering the era3 star

Similar to the author's other books, this is full of superhero men and helpless women, "inferior" blacks, and a lot of words I looked up in the dictionary, but overall a quick, entertaining read. If you can overlook the racism (author totally unaware of it) and look beyond the swooning females, it was fun. But definitely not accurate by 2012's measures, from the hideous and inaccurate portrayals of the reptiles to the descriptions of the "low" humans, as well as the obvious racial and gender atrocities. But it helped me understand my grandmother a bit (born 1920). Enjoy it for what it is, and ER Burroughs is still a fantastic writer of his era.35

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