The Lost Island

The Lost Island Summary

Twelve-year-old Olivia Lockhart's life has been turned upside down after discovering her family's big secret. And now the only person with answers has fled.

Determined to track down Amanda, Olivia encounters several others—and each has a key to unraveling this mystery once and for all.

But danger is waiting for Olivia everywhere her journey takes her. Can she unravel the clues, or will she become a victim of The Lost Island?

Book Reviews


Wasn’t the mystery I was hoping for3 star

It was really good! I am glad I read “the secret sister” first otherwise I would not of understood anything happening in this book. (As a lot of others said) if you are looking for a more intense mystery this is not your book.35


Amazing5 star

I’m so happy I read the first book first and this book was great full of suspense !!!55


Nice5 star

I thought it was a good book. And it was good that I had read Secret Sister before this, or none of it would have made sense.55

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The Secret Sister
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