The Marvelous Land of Oz

The Marvelous Land of Oz Summary

The second of the Oz books. It follows the adventures of the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman and Tip. The Emerald City has been taken over by the Army of Revolt, and our adventurous friends need the help of Glinda the Good to return it to its rightful ruler.

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Good5 star


Iren H-V

Good book4 star

I liked this book a lot. However, I discovered that there were several grammatical mistakes. The grammar was worse than mine and I am nine years old. I was surprised that such a good book would have such stupid grammatical mistakes.45


Fun book4 star

This sequel is a fun read. It was interesting to follow up on the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodsman.45


The first six OZ books.5 star

I've been reading books for over sixty years. As a young boy I enjoyed Fantasy and Science Fiction and still read some to this day. Many years ago I did read H.G. Wells but never read the OZ books. I retired last year and have more time for reading and just now finished the sixth book. According to Wikipedia this was originally intended to be the last one. When reading these books you can clearly see their influence on our twentieth century society. I thoroughly enjoyed them. Be sure to read them, now, or wait to read them, you choose, but do not fail to read them some time in your life.55


The marvelous land of oz5 star

Awesome book55


Great story, but needs improvements4 star

I loved the book itself, I thought it was better than the wizard of oz, but I found no commas where there needed to be and some improper grammar. It also drove me crazy that instead of the actual picture, it said' [ illustration]' I would like it if there where illustrations instead of a caption!45


Wonderful read5 star

I never knew the Wizard of Oz came from a series of writings from so long ago, I am enjoying the books!!!55


The Marvelous Land of Oz5 star

This book is marvelous, as is the land of Oz! It brings you to laughter with the silly antics, and annoys you with the Woggle-Bug. This is a wonderful book that no one has read, and should read!! It is the second book of the Oz series; not as good as the first, but I am off to see the Wiza--- I mean, I'm off to read the next book. A great book I still recommend to all of my friends.55



The book is very funny, it shines light on what happened to the scarecrow and tin woodsman after the Wizard of Oz, It has a very good ending! Sincerely, Carson Palmer55

Camel Man 77

The sequel4 star

A delightful sequel to "The Wizard of Oz". Tells about Princess Ozma.45

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