The Steadfast Tin Soldier

The Steadfast Tin Soldier Summary

A fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen presented with modern illustrations.  It’s a story about love at first sight.  When the one-legged tin soldier saw the paper ballerina and assumed she was just like him, with one leg, falls in love with her. It’s a story of love, chance and fate.

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No real pictures.3 star

This is poorly formatted and lacks pictures to describe the story! Something that is I,portant for younger kids.35


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Cute yet sad5 star

I have played the game version of the story, but I also love the book! it's mAkes you want to cry but make you fall in love with the entire story characters and all55


Uh...2 star

Can you say depressing?25


Bad ending!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2 star

Why in the world would the main charechtors die?????!!!!!!!25


Tin Solider5 star

This is just a delightful story, you just don't hear stories like this anymore.55


Nice...5 star

What a sad and beautiful ending! :-(55


Too sad2 star

This book was too sad and made my daughter cry.25


The Steadfast Tin Soldier5 star

It was very heart warming, I advise that it should be read to young children.55

Romance obsessed.

Fantasia?5 star

I love this story.55

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