Thirteen Days in Milan

Thirteen Days in Milan Summary

Sylvia de Matteo, an American single mother, is taken hostage by terrorists during a political assassination at Stazione Centrale, Milan's train station. She is seized at gunpoint and thrown into the back of a van.

Moments later, a Paris-bound train with Sylvia's fiancé and ten-year-old daughter aboard departs Centrale without Sylvia. The terrorists drive Sylvia to a warehouse where she is imprisoned in a cell.

When the terrorists discover Sylvia's father is a wealthy Wall Street investment banker, they demand a ransom for her safe release.

Book Reviews


Thirteen days in Milan5 star

Well researched and professionally written book.55


Good story; Bad editing3 star

I really like the book, story and intrigue. Many surprises in store for the reader. My complaint with the e-book was the editing or proofreading. There are many, many errors in the book where sentence ending words were transposed elsewhere in the paragraph or on the page. Sentences would have a “return” in the middle to create a new paragraph. It seemed that just when the plot was getting good, an error happened and I would have to search to complete a sentence. It was very bizarre…but a great story.35


Needs editing1 star

This book needs editing. End of sentences are missing and appear in the next paragraph in the middle of a sentence. It’s almost impossible to read!15

Rockin G

Could not continue reading…1 star

Could not get far in this one due to the many errors, not just spelling ad grammar, parts of sentences were missing and then found in on next page or two. The descriptions of people and places were too wordy. The history was not fully explained and just made it are to understand. This probably one of 20 books that I have started but would not finish because it was so bad in over 50 years of reading thousands of books.15

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