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When Billy Bones first walks into Jim Hawkins’ family-run inn, the prevailing sentiments are fear…and curiosity about what’s in his oversized chest. After a band of rogue pirates comes looking for him, Billy dies, leaving Jim and his mother in possession of his belongings, which contain a map leading to the treasure of the dreaded Captain Flint.

Robert Louis Stevenson’s swashbuckling adventure story plays out on the high seas-and it’s packed to the gills with heart-pounding suspense, double crosses, mutiny, mayhem, and even murder. First published as a magazine serial in the 1880s, Treasure Island set the standard for action-adventure thrillers. Hop in and prepare for a wild ride, complete with peg-legged pirates and their trusted parrots, casks of rum, tropical islands, and X marks the spot!

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Treasure Island5 star

A true classic. Third time reading it, still a great read.55


Treasure island5 star

The quintessential pirates tale!55

Bible reader old guy

Wow5 star

Hollywood and we can memory have done a disservice to this great work. The language is exquisite and horrible at the same time. It is a good and well told tale. I would love to see more of this quality of work coming from authors in my era. This is perhaps one of the first or at least one of the better earlier pirate stories. You can see how pirates of the Caribbean stood on the shoulders of this work.55


Good4 star

Classic book45

D. Jaques

Treasure Island5 star

Very good read. I’ve been wanting to read it since I was in junior high school. I was transported back to day s of adventure on the high seas and the lure of treasure! I’m 63 now!55


YoHo5 star



Treasured5 star

Great classic55


5/55 star

Absolutely loved it, would definitely recommend to just about anyone.55


Worth the read!5 star

A great tale of adventure!55

Grievous 03

A classic masterpiece5 star

An exceptional work of fiction. The very story that has kindled the love and lore of pirates for generations still has the air of adventure on the high seas after so many years. A must read for any human being on planet earth.55

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Treasure Island


Treasure Island
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Treasure Island


Treasure Island
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