White Fang

White Fang Summary

The story revolves around lives of Two men who are out in the wild of the north. Their dogs disappear as they are lured by a she-wolf and eaten by the pack. They only have three bullets left and Bill, one of the men, uses them to try to save one of their dogs; he misses and is eaten with the dog. Only Henry and two dogs are left; he makes a fire, trying to drive away the wolves. They draw in close, and he is almost eaten, saved only by a company of men who were traveling nearby.

Book Reviews


Must read for any dog owner5 star

10/10, would read again >implying I didn’t read it when I was 8 >is white fang bucks grandfather??55


Inspiring5 star

This story touched my heart in so many ways. One of my favorite books of all time.55


White Fang5 star

A classic by Jack London that is timeless and should be read or re-read by all!55

Tam Dixon

White Fang5 star

Very good vocabulary and good book report book55


White Fang4 star

I would’ve given it 5 stars had the ending not been so abrupt. I think the ending deserved a little more. Extremely well written and descriptive book. Jack London really takes you into the mind of White Fang.45


Exciting5 star

I was always full of wonder to what was going to happen! Amazing book55

Ethan Stupka

Best book I’ve read all year5 star

Absolutely fantastic. JACK LONDON IS KING55

Sushi Shell

It’s all about perspective4 star

After reading Call of the Wild, I was excited to read it’s famous counterpart. London’s writing is just captivating. The raw, ferocious and morose life of this wolfdog was just so interesting and engaging. I’ve been an avid reader all my life, but to find a new voice, a completely new perspective was so refreshing. You find yourself sympathetic to what’s traditionally seen as one of man’s biggest adversaries. My first wolf book, Julie of the Wolves, showed me how intelligent, adaptive and social wolves could be. White Fang solidified all those ideas and gave me a deeper understanding of life’s idiosyncrasies and how compassion can alter your entire path for the positive. Well done Jack London, bravo.45


Pretty good!!!5 star

The beginning was a little odd but once the she-wolf had the cubs it got a lot more interesting!! It's a little gory so I would recommend ages ten and over, over all it's a really good book!!!!!!!!55

Awe Usti

White Fang5 star

Reading 'White Fang' I found it very insightful and interesting from the heart and soul of a creature of the wild. My father was a nature lover and brought home many wild animals that were sick and needed care. One coyote pup not yet weaned, became my own. In this story I see so many similarities that my soul mate had. We cared for a wolf, a seal, a badger, and a bobcat. All through the book I could feel the truth of this story. Thank you for refreshing my old warm memories. Wanda.55

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