Nelson Mandela: A Life From Beginning to End

Nelson Mandela: A Life From Beginning to End Summary

A brief biography of an icon like Nelson Mandela is a difficult undertaking. This offering is ideal for someone, not from Africa, who would like to know what motivated a man to give his life to a cause that would see him spend the most productive years of his life in jail. 

Inside you will read about...
✓ A boy in rural South Africa
✓ of gold
✓ The African National Congress and the birth of an activist
✓ The Treason Trial
✓ Underground for the armed struggle
✓ The Soweto Uprising – the beginning of the end
✓ Pollsmoor Prison..."a modern face but a primitive heart."

To understand this, the reader must have an insight into the context of life in South Africa during the Apartheid era. But, they also need to know how the intense, unbreakable bond between the leaders of the African National Congress was forged and the effect the reluctant decision to form the armed wing, Umkhonto we Sizwe, had on them. The author has included references to and quotes from his autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom which reveals some of "Madiba's" personal anguish.

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