Feels so Right, It Must Be Wrong

Feels so Right, It Must Be Wrong Summary

After witnessing the double murder of both her parents, Asia’s heart is cold and she has no plans of being in a relationship, especially after a failed attempt with her son’s father. With the help of her brother Symir, they take over the business their father left behind which they believe is rightfully theirs. 
Enters Omari known to the streets as Knowledge, moving back to his hometown he links up with Symir to be down with his team. Instantly, he has his eyes set on Asia and has plans to make her his but there’s one problem. Knowledge has a pregnant fiancé at home that’s been down with him since day one.
What happens when lines are crossed and secrets are revealed? To Knowledge, everything feels so right even though he knows it’s so wrong.

Book Reviews


Wow.4 star

I couldn’t put my phone down but the ending was so lazy, like who ends book like that ? Anyways good book can’t wait till part two come out.45


Loved it5 star

I literally started this book yesterday, on my way to work,I finished it in a couple of hours. This book was amazing. Please tell me there will be a second part to this book. Please keep the books coming55


Good book3 star

The book was good & interesting but was very short, a little annoyed by the fact that it ended in the middle of everything.35


great5 star



Part two please4 star

Part two please45

chunky khokolate

I need more5 star

I need to know what happen!! Please finish it55

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