Stupid Young

Stupid Young Summary

Shonique is 15 years old she is dealing with her mother’s drinking problem and verbal abuse. She has always ran to her sister when she couldn't take it anymore. Shonique decides to move in with her sister and her family. Her brother in-law starts giving her special attention; she knows she should resist his advances but she can't. The guilt consumes her. He teaches her things as they vow to keep this secret from his wife and her sister. Will their decision to deceive her sister catch up with her?

Book Reviews


GOOD READ! 😊🤗5 star

Omg! 😩😩 This was everything! Love it. Good read!55


Ah-maz-ing5 star

I need part two right nowwwwwww!55


Part two???5 star

Need a part two I was so mad and upset how it ended55


Stupid Young5 star

This was a great book , but crazy at the same time ,Awesome book to read.55


Poor punctuation and story plot needs work2 star

This book is okay. I mean just okay. Too many unnecessary details. The poor punctuation used by the author makes it kind of confusing to follow. It’s like the author didn’t even proof read or edit the book.25


Horrible grammar1 star

The plot twist seems good but I couldn’t get past the spelling, this book is very illiterate and some times was confusing to read so I didn’t bother to finish it has potential but not my type of book.15

fine hunting 54

Awesome5 star

Great book55


Good read5 star

Interesting tale of a young girl who never really knew what she wanted55


Need part 23 star

Need to spell better35


Good storyline but....4 star

The concept of the book was good but it was a little difficult to get through the grammatical errors. There were a few times I had to go back and read a line of two. Overall, this book fulfilled my need to pass time!45

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