The Leak

The Leak Summary

The Leak is a complimentary short prequel story that leads into K'wan's hit novel, Welfare Wifeys. Learn how Animal got his start as a child of the streets, raised up by a man named Tech. Animal proves to be a quick study learning the game, but he's about to face the greatest test of all....

Book Reviews


I love it5 star

My friend put me on this so I read it before in like that55


Whack1 star

Really boring15


Wow4 star

Good book just short45


The book was good just too short3 star

The book was good just too short35


The Leak5 star

Fast paced, gritty, and all around great read. Finished in under an hour. K’wan delivers again!55


Great read5 star

Love can’t wait to read what happens next55

raven s Queen

Raven5 star

Good book 🙌🏼55


Amazing Book5 star

Looking forward to what’s to come in the next parts of this series!!55

Soul Casual

🤔5 star

I was getting into the story line and the characters and out of nowhere - The End. You left me hanging. Not a good look.55

B2 J

The leak5 star

I love this book keep up the good work55

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