The Wrong Side Of Love: A Hood Love Story

The Wrong Side Of Love: A Hood Love Story Summary

 Coco has her head on straight and is deeply rooted in work and her studies. After breaking up with her manipulator of a boyfriend Trae, all she wants to do is focus on becoming a RN. Things change when the king of Detroit, known as Zeek enters her life. Dealing with Zeek brings some drama to Coco’s life that she never saw coming.

Zeek is the type to get whatever he wants when he wants it and things are no different when he sets his eyes on the young and beautiful Coco. It's hard for Zeek to resist a good girl with a good head on her shoulders, even with him keeping his ex girlfriend Chanel around for his pleasure. When the Feds start sniffing around and things get hectic for Zeek, he realizes one of the women in his life has been working against him.

Although she was labeled the problem child out of her and her sister Coco, all Jayliah really wanted is to be loved. After becoming pregnant young and refusing to have an abortion she was exiled by the very people who had sworn to love her no matter what; her family. Facing motherhood alone, Jayliah quickly realizes all she has is Coco until Tariq works his way into her life. On the brink of her fairy tale ending, Jayliah’s word is shook once again when the father of her child makes a sudden appearance and soon her life starts spiraling out of control.

In this tale of love and deceit people will find out that you can’t trust everyone, especially those closest to you.

Book Reviews


I enjoyed reading !5 star

Good read! 👍🏽55


Get An Editor1 star

Poor spelling and grammar, pronoun issues abound. Rushed story that is poorly organized. Author claims it is the 20th offering, but that seems fictitious due to the remedial writing and plot progression.15



This book is soooo good I can’t wait for part 2 to release55


Wrong side of love5 star

Yo why did it end like that I can’t wait for part 255


Cool3 star

Wish it was longer or a sequel but it was good35


Could’ve been2 star

It could’ve been interesting but I couldn’t get past the name coco.25


Dammm5 star

In love fr on the edge of my seat the whole time 🔥🔥🔥55

Mrs Harbor

Love it5 star

Love this book just wish the other was free.55

P. Chan

Loved The Story Line4 star

Grammatical errors throughout the book but a very good read. Would love to read what happens next.45


Good3 star

This was a good book. But I have to say there are A LOT of typos.35

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