Algebra 1

Algebra 1 Summary

Tim The Math Man's Algebra 1 is for people who don't speak "math". Instead, it's for those who want to learn the language.

Made by a 24 year old high school math teacher, Tim The Math Man's Algebra 1 bridges the gap between "math talk" and "normal talk" by helping readers understand and appreciate mathematics.

Detailed, easy to read explanations describe each concept while numerous examples and review questions provide guidance and instant feedback. Movies help to show key concepts and ideas such as addition and subtraction of integers, simplification of fractions, and even why it's important how you label a number line. Finally, each section ends with over 100 practice problems that help build and apply the skills learned in each section.

Here you'll find the first three sections of Chapter 1:

Section 1: Integers
Section 2: Factors and Multiples
Section 3: Rational Numbers as Fractions.

Future sections will include:

Section 4: Rational Numbers as Decimals
Section 5: More with Rational Numbers
Section 6: Order of Operations
Section 7: Exponents
Section 8: Percents (Part 1)
And many more Chapters too!

Book Reviews

Poh Pohh

It's alright3 star

It's a great book, but I have to agree in chapter 1 one of the answers is wrong. Do that makes me question what else is wrong about it. And if you continue through some of the numbers are wrong so it makes things very confusing.35


Wrong answers1 star

I thought it was great until chapter 2. It gives you a problem that says if John sends 58 texts a day in the month of January, how many texts will John send? It shows that 58 X 31 is 382. 58 x 32 is 1798 as far as I'm aware.15

Mr Nando

Excellente to refresh your math!!4 star

This book is Good , but some of the practice problem even if you answer is right it will tell that is wrong . But overall is a good book.45


Keep at it, we want more!5 star

This book is very well laid out. Like the author, I am looking for a textbook without bling, and good solid math. This has the makings of being really awesome.55


Awesome Book5 star

I love how simple it is to follow. I am currently in college and need some basic review. This book gives me what I needed. I hope he continues making more, cannot wait for the next chapters.55

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