Deceived Beyond Belief: The Awakening: Prologue

Deceived Beyond Belief: The Awakening: Prologue Summary

Would you rather have blistful ignorance, the blue pill, or sorrowful wisdom, the red pill?

The "Prologue" is an event or action that leads to another event or situation. This book is the Prologue to Books I through Book V.

As Book VI, it frames early childhood events and situations that laid the foundation and subsequently led to and materialized a bogus investigation, high-tech COINTELPRO covert silencing tactics, designed to cover-up decades of ongoing nonconsensual human experimentation beginning with many in early childhood. It is a mesmerizing quick read.
The question is, "Has sex, been used as a weapon against us, in historic, trauma-based mind control programs, and for mind control programming?"

The fact is when we understand the sexual force and its focus, by those deeming themselves the "Handlers" of humanity, a connection evolves related to the explosion of Pedophilia, Human Trafficking, connecting the covert use of high tech, patented, sexual stimulation technology as part of a hideous plan.

The Agenda... Keep humanity operating at the level of animals and in a primal state thereby easy to control with occult "Sex Magic" and drugs that dates back to antiquity.

The painful Awakening in the reality for thousands of Targeted Individuals across America and millions globally is the Earth-shattering realization of likely having been part of a systematic, horrific, monstrous, ongoing human experimentation program, with various testing areas on individuals, groups, communities and populations, which never ended, Post MKULTRA, taken underground for good reason by governments all over the world for decades.

The red pill leads to knowledge, freedom, uncertainty and the brutal truths of reality.
The blue pill leads to happiness, beauty, and the blissful ignorance of illusion.
When given the choice, after the fact, ultimately I took the blue pill. I had already lived the red pill existence having been taken down the Rabbit Hole documented in this book then awakened. In this awakening, I realized that life is just not a pretty place sometimes.

I learned also that within the "blissful ignorance of the illusion" I would not be engulfed by the reality of this program's heinous existence or sorrowful as a result. When it was all said and done, with this choice, life becomes a place of happiness and beauty through awareness.

Dr. Robert Heath (1915 - 1999)

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