Roman Britain: A History From Beginning to End

Roman Britain: A History From Beginning to End Summary

This book takes a holistic look at Roman Britain, from the events leading up to its official inception in AD 43 until the Romans left the Isle entirely around AD 409. The timeline is straightforward, and each chapter delves into some aspect of Romano-British life: dealing with the concept of 'the Celts'; when Britannia actually became 'Roman'; how the two peoples attempted to blend their culture through religion; and lastly, why the Romans had to leave. 

Inside you will read about...
✓ The Timeline
✓ Ancient Celtic Ethnicity, A Modern Invention
✓ The Beginnings Of Roman Britain
✓ Religion And Blending Culture In Roman Britain
✓ The Bitter End

It can be difficult to explain everything from a neutral, unbiased perspective as most of the records from the time are Roman in nature, but drawing on a variety of perspectives from archaeologists and historians alike has made for a thought-provoking assessment of the era. Rome's power bestowed cities like London and York to Britannia, and their lasting influence is still visible today in places like Bath, and at Hadrian's Wall to the north. Roman Britain lingers on still.

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