The Bloodlines of The Elite and The History of The Illuminati

The Bloodlines of The Elite and The History of The Illuminati Summary

The following is an understandable, detailed, and summarized timeline of events and people which have been proven scientifically, archaeologically, genetically and historically. It is time you all wake up and see the world for what it truly is. Please know this was not written    in order to attack any personal beliefs, but rather to let you know what is really going on.
You have been lied to. We, The Anonymous Charity are no writers, merely researchers. You must open your mind and free yourself from the brainwashing control they have put you under, if you are to continue this. You must realize that what you know is simply not true and these broadcasts and the evidence brought forth here will challenge and discredit most, if not everything that you believe. It will hurt your feelings.
You will want to be defensive and not try to listen to the content. It will make you angry. You will start to understand and your eyes will begin to open. It will make you act. You will know the truth and you will understand that freedom is only obtained when we speak the truth.
Your life is about to change. Welcome to The Collective HQ. Let's begin with the very structure of the group of people we will discuss. The structure beings with DNA. The Blood.

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Must make free to the public5 star

So it will become viral and EVERYONE can wake up. Change the world!! You have the power55


The blood lines of the elite and the illuminati1 star



Shocking revelations about the elite!5 star

Shocking revelations about the elite who runs the world behind the scenes. The 13 bloodlines all the way back to biblical times kept their marriages inside their circles. Their different blood type is their marker of supposedly a superier race. @TheCollectiveQ exposed all the hidden truth about them in 18 broadcasts. This book includes all the broadcasts in easy to read book format divided by chapters and it also includes the original audio of the broadcasts in each chapter. Even the notes of each broadcast are added in seperate notes sections. Everything is preserved nothing is added or removed. It is made available for free to download as a service to public. It is a must read for everyone who questions the narrative of the main stream media.55

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