Edwin the Super Duper Otter

Edwin the Super Duper Otter Summary

Follow Edwin the Otter as he discovers what makes him truly special.
Featuring some of your favorite creatures from the Seattle Aquarium,
including an octopus, a pair of puffins, spiky lumpsuckers and a playful
harbor seal.

Discover exclusive Seattle Aquarium content throughout the book, including
eight interactive image galleries, seven videos and an Aquarium fun facts

Bring the magic and fun of the Seattle Aquarium into your home with this
charming interactive story book.

• 29 beautifully-illustrated pages
• 7 live-action videos
• 5 Interactive image galleries
• A sea otter fun facts quiz

Book Reviews

Ember's life

Grate book5 star

My kid loved it and she would love to read more like it55


Pretty glod book!5 star

My child really enjoyed the videos and pictures, especially the ending. It was perfect timing for bed time. 🤗55

got one star because

love the people because.......5 star

I love books and the books are popular thank you guys نور 😻😻😻💋🕵🏼‍♀️🕵🏼‍♀️💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻🤑🤑😜😜😛😋😍😘55


Very good5 star



Life changing5 star

Best book ever written by humankind, 10/10. It changed my life forever55


We LOVE Edwin!5 star

My son has loved this since he was a baby. He's 2.5 now and still asks for it all the time. He loves to push play on the embedded movies. Now he really loves it since he went to the Seattle Aquarium and met the octopus, and the others!55


nene5 star

My grandson will not let me put the iPad away when we visit. We play this book over and over, and he has learned the names of all the underwater animals in the book. I hope the author will produce many more like this.55


Excellent Use of the ipad5 star

Excellent book. My kids also love the in story videos. Thanks Seattle!55


Love Edwin5 star

Awesome book!!55

Miss. Otter

Cute!5 star

I just got it because there was an otter. But cute!55

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