My World: At My Pond

My World: At My Pond Summary

Our "My World" series of interactive picture books are fun and will teach kids about animals, nature, and habitats.

At my pond is written for the beginning reader and curious nature explorer. This book will captivate young readers with cool interactive features and amazing close-up color photographs. Hear spring peeper frogs croaking in the spring.  Zoom in to see animals in incredible detail. Tap buttons to see bonus photos. Click index words to return to the page about the animal.  Interactive book features may change and evolve with new versions of eBooks, With this book, kids can practice reading and have fun at the same time!

Watch for more interactive books in the “My World” series from photographers Dwight and David Kuhn.

Interactive Book
Interest Level: Preschool - Grade 3 (preK-3)
Reading Level: Kindergarten - Grade 1 (K-1)

Book Reviews


Get The Best Educational Book(Of My Choice)5 star

A very good book. oh, and by the way,⚠️Warning ⚠️:Little Kids Will Love Reading After Reading This Book!! I recommend this book.55

HBO now user

Great5 star

This book was great both my children loved the sound of the animal while they read this book. Great touch added.55


At my pond4 star

It is good. I like the photos.45

lady bird 10

Good book4 star

Good book45


Love this book5 star

We love all of the sounds. Beautiful pictures55

my pond

My world at my pond5 star

This so as one55

123 crash

I love books!5 star






At my pond5 star

I love this book because I love animals and this really helps explain wildlife I give you :)5 ***** stars55


My pond5 star

I thought it was a good book55

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