Pete! Get in Bed!

Pete! Get in Bed! Summary

Pete! Get in Bed! (3AB Book 1)

Pete is so tired but as soon as Mom mentions bedtime, he has renewed energy! He wants to do anything and everything BUT go to bed! This humorous book is great for a bedtime story! Do you want to know all the things Pete does to try to avoid going to bed? Read the book to find out!

Level 3AB (Sight Words: I, to & a)

This book is for beginning readers who are ready to practice reading long and short vowel words. To obtain the best success while reading this book, it is important that your child has been taught how to read long and short vowel words. Also, in this book there are the following sight words: I, to & a. We purposely introduce sight words gradually in our books. Sight words cannot be decoded and must be memorized. Please review the sight words in this book before having your child begin reading. If your child has a hard time memorizing, we suggest creating some sort of association to help them remember the sight words. These books have been designed to reduce frustration with children who do not memorize well.

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We all know learning how to read can be challenging for a child. Phonics Reading can help! Our Books-by-Concept can help your child develop the skills necessary to become a fluent reader. The program offers logical sequential steps for beginning readers. The key is to help children build confidence by mastering each concept before moving to the next. 


1: Letter names

2: Consonant sounds

3A: Long vowel words

3B: Short vowel words

3AB: Long and short vowel words

4: Consonant Digraphs

5: Consonant blends 

6-9: Vowel combinations 

Book Reviews


Funny5 star

It’s just like me55


Go to bed!5 star

Fun bedtime book!55


Nice5 star


From..Amelia Szewczak

Perfection5 star

This book is wonderful.I want more books to read.🥰55


The best!5 star

This is the best bed time book that we had read in a while!55


My sons favorite!5 star

We have read this story night after night55

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