Poppy the Purple Turtle

Poppy the Purple Turtle Summary

A children's story about a purple turtle who learns that being different isn't so bad. This story is more suitable for preteen children.

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Ultimate message falls flat1 star

Poor punctuation and poor story. Shouldn’t the outcome be that color (outside appearances) don’t matter? Instead, the author concludes “at least you’re not purple”.15


:(Not The Best1 star

This was not the best story I read it could of been more interesting and fun for younger kids.15

cookie bug1217

Poppy the purple turtle4 star

It was very sweet.45


Depressing sample 😢2 star

Listen I haven’t read it and it sounds bad but the sample is so depressing just like wow who makes a sample of a book the worst part 🤮🤮🤮25


So sweet5 star

It’s so sweet you guys did a great job55


Not so good1 star

I agree with the person that said this book is horribly written. It is entirely too wordy to get the point across.15


Horrible1 star

Great concept just horrible writing15

Juliet Andrae

Great book!5 star

I always thought that I was ugly, but now that I read this book I know I'm beautiful!55


But1 star

Bahnhofstrasse y15


Such an inspirational book😍5 star

This book is amazing and so inspiring to the youth!55

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