Puuchy Panda Animals

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Puuchy Panda Animals explores the amazing world of animals.

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Bailey Suzor

Animals5 star

I love this book55


I hate it1 star

This book is for baby's!!!!!😡😡😤😤😴😴😴😴15


Animal not right3 star

So I think this book is great for little kids except that the "cheetah" is actually a leopard. I have a background in exotic cats. So getting something like this wrong on an endangered species irritates me a bit.35


Animals4 star

It gives you detail about animals45

Kiki shera

Amazing4 star

So good45

Saige #12

Pitchy panda4 star

It was afal45


Not the best but not terrible...(don't recommend )1 star

Im 12 and my friend got this book to read about animals...well, it was very easy for us and we had fun reading it as a joke, however if a baby were to read this or a mother tried to read this to the baby,the baby probably wouldn't understand because some information is for probably ages 4-6 :) thanks15


The book4 star

Great book although it is a children book I read 40 pages in a minute45

My fav game lol:)!!!!$$$

This book is awesome t5 star

This book is awesome because it had a cheeta in it55

Cats rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$)

Hi5 star

It's short but true very true if you don't think so then your mest up litturly55

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