The Adventures of Zelda: A Pug Tale

The Adventures of Zelda: A Pug Tale Summary

When Zelda ran off with the “arm” of the vacuum cleaner, her family realized she wasn’t an ordinary pug. 

She looks the part with her curly tail, smashed face, and wrinkles, but Zelda loves adventure. She is always searching for a new mystery to solve, cat to chase, or pillow to steal. Zelda is even willing to sacrifice a few treats to make friends with a squirrel!

The thirteen short stories build into a story arc that creates an exciting and hilarious chapter book for young readers (ages 7 and up). Zelda’s escapades are known to make even the most reluctant readers laugh. The best part is Zelda's adventures don't stop with this book; they continue in this complete five book series!

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Books in the Zelda Series:
The Adventures of Zelda: A Pug Tale
The Adventures of Zelda: The Second Saga
The Adventures of Zelda: Pug and Peach
The Adventures of Zelda: The Four Seasons
The Adventures of Zelda: The One and Only Pug  

Book Reviews


Lots of giggles and “Keep reading!”5 star

My two daughters loved this book! We had so fun reading it together. Can’t wait for the next book!55


Adorable, and I learned something!5 star

The book was so cute! I’ve always wanted a pug or a Frenchie (French Bulldog), and this book let me see into the lives of a pug owning family! I had also never heard of tapeworm before, so I learned something new! I can’t wait to read the next one!55


I loved this book5 star

I love dogs so when I saw this book I had to read it and I am glad I did!55


Zelda the pug review5 star

This is a good book it was cute and funny. A Great bedtime story series.55


Fantastic5 star

I love the Books it has ups and downs and twists and turns and it was just amazing. Recommend reading it because it’s a great book. -Kennedy55


Zelda: Pug Adventures Book one5 star

Great book to read aloud to my 7 year old niece every night. Normally, she falls asleep within a few minutes of me reading to her but she was so interested in this book that she did not fall asleep at all. She hung on every word.55

BOEING-747 400

Best free book5 star

I think this is the best and cutest free book on books!55


Love this dog5 star

This book was so fun! My daughter wants a pug now and we’ve began to nickname the puppy we have Zelda. So great for a quick fun read.55

just for the quest

Devon5 star

Hi my name is devon im a reader on apple books or Ibooks and this book is amazing literally the best and i hope you can enjoy it too.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻55

yummy pug

Nice work😉5 star

It’s a good story I liked it a lot!😀55

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