The Sheep Who Couldn't Sleep

The Sheep Who Couldn't Sleep Summary

One night down on Hillside Farm
Everything was quiet and calm
But all alone there lay a sheep
Who found he couldn't get to sleep.

Follow Sheep as he tries to find the best way to get to sleep and discovers that not all advice is good advice, and sometimes the right answer is close to home!

Makes an ideal bedtime story for children aged 3-7 years.

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Libros en español1 star

Todos los libros son en inglés deberían tener más libros gratis e interesantes en español...15

Guille Fonsi

Fell asleep5 star

My baby fell asleep before I finish reading it55


The sheep who codint sleep5 star

Hi this is Isabella Triminio I love this book and I think you should tell this book to little kids like me55


Great book5 star

I loved this book! It had great imagery, rhymes and it put my son to sleep quickly. Best nighttime story!55


Nice bedtime story4 star

A nice story for kids with cute rhymes and a lesson about habitats built in45


Very cute5 star

It almost made me fall asleep55


Adorable!5 star

Absolutely amazing bed time story.55


Very Cute!! 🥰5 star

Loved this little story about the poor little sheep who couldn’t sleep! Cute rhyming prose and darling illustrations. ☺️55


Read it to my 1 year old5 star

Cute story ! She liked it and got her sleepy lol55


It good because it help you to sleep5 star

I like55

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