The Skinny Little Dinosaur

The Skinny Little Dinosaur Summary

The Skinny Little Dinosaur is a sweet little dino tail for you to read to and interact with your child. An illustrated adventure where our Skinny Little Dinosaur meets new friends and discovers new sounds.

Inspired by my nephew and created for his 3rd birthday, I hope you enjoy reading this story to your little snappers.

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I love it!!❤️❤️❤️5 star

I just read it and I am about to be 10 and some people say “your too old to read books like that”And I don’t care it’s is about what I like most Dinos!So people don’t write bad reviews or just don’t read it???????Like if you don’t like it then don’t read it??????55

towet papew

One of the best5 star

I have a down-syndrome 12 year old and two 5 year olds. 1 boys, 1 girl and 1 non-binary and my 12 year old really loves dinosaurs, so do my 5 year olds. (just to clarify, my 12 year old is nb, and I have one girl and one boy 5 yr-old and my 12 year old used to be a boy) All my children love it so much and fall asleep the second the story ends! Really recommend.55

Princess McKinley

By Mason5 star

My brother likes dinosaurs so we read the book and he loves the boat because he loves dinosaurs so he just thought that he like the book in a way that he likes water he likes how dinosaurs sink he likes how dinosaurs even existed so he just wanted to read it because he seen the title of it was dinosaurs sinking he likes dinosaurs and he thought it would be a cool book and he’s OK can I read this book I like yeah sure because I know that you like them actually problem.55


Doesn’t work1 star

Stuck on “rotate device”15

teetee hean.kiil youu

Thanks a lot I love. The books you have and done so yes5 star

and it is amazing all ways boys and and girlfriends are good and goodbye 10 boys and 10 girl so byes homegirl Andy home boys so what I do not care about okays yes 😍💅💋😭😘.55


Good and entertaining5 star

My son enjoyed this book especially when the dinosaur couldn’t jump high enough to get an apple.55


No pages1 star


Jimmy Be

Doesn’t work.1 star

Can’t get the book open. I turn the book to landscape and there’s nothing else to read. There needs to be more directions and more chapters.15

Matt Frap

My Daughter’s New Favorite5 star

Cute book, well written and just the right length for a toddler.55


Skinny dinosaur5 star

How do you get on other chapters? It won’t let me like someone help!55

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