The Tale of Benjamin Bunny: Read Aloud

The Tale of Benjamin Bunny: Read Aloud Summary

This book features the original text and full-color original Beatrix Potter art. Benjamin and his cousin Peter Rabbit go to Mr McGregor's garden, while he is away, to find the clothes Peter lost in The Tale of Peter Rabbit.
This enhanced book features a read-to-me audio option. Potter's many picture stories should be among the first books owned by children. Beautifully formatted for iBooks.

- Fixed-Layout format (hardcover look and feel).
- A narrator’s voice can read the text on a page.
- Read the book at the zoom-level.
- The words are highlighted as they are spoken.
- Search inside the book.
- Highlight or underline text and make notes.
- Copy and paste words into another application.
- Look up a word in the in-build dictionary, Web or Wikipedia.

Book Reviews


Hi 🙋‍♀️5 star



It is the best book5 star

I like it a lot thank you55

Miss's A

Idk4 star

Idk idk idk idk 🤷‍♀️45


Great but short4 star

The book was a good bedtime read l, although some pictures were before the text so it was a bit of spoiler.45

Alizabeth Smith

Wonderful5 star

This is a wonderful book for toddlers. Although I am not a toddler and I enjoyed it a lot. Wonderful.❤️❤️55

sarah fair

Won’t dowload1 star

Won’t download, it comes with a error message.15


The new5 star

The new version of this is the first55


Poor Peter5 star

The story is reallly interesting. It is very good for kids. It has suspense and is illustrated very nicely. The author plays with the emotions with such a grace. It has great impact on reader while reading the story when rabbits try to sneak in and out the garden.55

Brian Wallenberg Show

Good but hard to explain parts4 star

Has tobacco (lavender) the rabbits eat, and Mr Bunny ‘taking a switch to his nephew’ (a belt whip)... is a bit hard to explain when those where more common to do in the 50s, Otherwise, a nice illustrated story.45


The tale of Benjamin bunny5 star

Interesting book.55

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