The Tale of Tom Kitten: Read-Aloud

The Tale of Tom Kitten: Read-Aloud Summary

This book features the original text and full-color original Beatrix Potter art. Tabitha Twitchit, a cat invites her friends for tea and dress her kittens up for a tea party, but the kitten lose all their clothes. This enhanced book features a read-to-me audio option. Potter's many picture stories should be among the first books owned by children. Beautifully formatted for iBooks.

- Fixed-Layout format (hardcover look and feel).
- A narrator’s voice can read the text on a page.
- Read the book at the zoom-level.
- The words are highlighted as they are spoken.
- Search inside the book.
- Highlight or underline text and make notes.
- Copy and paste words into another application.
- Look up a word in the in-build dictionary, Web or Wikipedia.

Book Reviews


As wonderful as I remember.5 star

Just finished reading to my grandson. I enjoyed her tales when I was a child and I am so happy my children and now grandchildren enjoy these as well. Truly stands the test of time.55


Outdated1 star

Beating kids for being kids is wrong. Does not fit with today’s world.15


Aubri5 star

I laughed55

Sky strike

Great book5 star

Loved this book since I was 3 I am now 1355

Aylee Beens

Awesomeness5 star

This was a foolish book kind of55

Connor and Patty Lane

Tom Kitten5 star

Good book55


Not ready for prime-time3 star

The illustrations are original classics. But whoever typeset this small volume should be sent back to school. HUGE, and I mean HUGE gaps between words and horrid word breaks. A preschooler would not understand why one word is broken into two. As mentioned in a few other reviews, the pronunciation of some words is way off, she should be sent back to school as well! (piga-stie?) Not to mention, this audio-reader puts one to sleep, zzzz… Better off having the print book version and reading to your little one yourself.35


Tom kitten3 star

The ending was way too abrupt.35


Tom Kitten5 star

I really liked the book because it was really funny! My mom and I laughed a lot while reading the story :)55


Boring1 star

Put me to sleep and my four year old became antsy15

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