500 Must See Films

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Your guide to the 500 'must see' films of all time as selected by The Telegraph's team of experts. Links directly to iTunes for easy downloading. These 500 films include pioneering productions from the silent era, classics from Hollywood's golden age, sci-fi epics, western adventures, musicals, thrillers, love stories, horror stories, children's stories, challenging documentaries and comedies that gleefully test the boundaries of taste. A hugely varied selection covering nearly a century of worldwide Cinema history.
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Trying to read text3 star

Interesting list but very difficult to read unless you expand the screen. Even then it was hard to read. I would suggest another edition where the type is large enough to that expanding the screen is needless!35

Bailey Suzor

All Movies5 star

I Love This Book55

Dahlia Clark

No1 star

Not all of these films are must sees.15


Great advices4 star

Excellent choice of phenomenal legendary films! Well done! :) But I might say... Some of them should probably be better to stay unseen... Some like "BORДT" for instance. :)45

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