How to draw and color cartoons

How to draw and color cartoons Summary

In this book you’ll be introduced to some basic skills of becoming a better cartoonist and artist. 
With 16 cartoons to learn from, all with step by steps to follow, anyone can easily learn.

Learning to draw cartoons is a exciting adventure, let me help you get better with your skills and technique. 

Book Reviews


Love this book5 star

It’s a free book and has step by step to guide you how to draw these fun cartoons. Great for any age.55


Good luck with your new book5 star

Good luck with your new book and with your drawings55


Not good1 star

To cartoony15

Kaylynn the critic

Cute😘4 star

Cute pics 2 draw, 🤗45


This book went down hill read why I say this book went down hill please and thank you1 star

This book is stupid don't get the book they need to add more description to the book because this book stinks so bad it is the worst I have ever seen15


Cool4 star

Still cool?45


Great5 star

Just what I was looking for55

Danger george

The worst1 star

It has no instructions15

Hot pink1234567890

Lady fish5 star

Who shell read this you should draw a lady fish55

Kid drawing

The book5 star

I think that you should be able to try to put some empty pages but make it cost more so that you could try to draw it and add more pictures and show them your drawing version of the picture and make a tracing page so the kids can get the idea of it and try to make it easer because I have kids that go to my school and they are special55

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