The Batman Beyond

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The Batman Beyond
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Bruce_Wayne-The Batman

Awful1 star

Wish I could put 0 stars15

David O in Tacoma

Garbage1 star

This is completely, literally clickbait garbage. Why hasn’t apple pulled this thing?15


Clickbait1 star

Clickbaited you into thinking it’s a real comic, it’s literal garbage15


Why is this on the store?1 star

What even is this?15

good boy 909

No1 star

No no no what is this?15


Uh1 star

Definitely was expecting something else15


Terrible1 star

The hell was this?15

ski mask god

It’s not a real book1 star

It just shows you a video then pictures of some guy it’s bad15


Terrible1 star

This is garbage I want to read not watch crap15


Bad1 star

Nothing but a weird set of PDFs15

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