The Pokémon Entrapment

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The Pokémon Entrapment
A Panaman Picture

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Still confused1 star

if you want to put fan videos up, maybe put them up on youtube where they will actually be seen and maybe not in a place that people don’t want to see them15


I have never seen anything stupider1 star

This is just some guy with fake Pokeballs and an crappy iPhone camera. Pikachu is just a stuffed animal with a blurry butt. This looks like a third grade computer class project. Glad I didn’t pay for this!15


Pikachu giving me life5 star

It’s super clever. I love the fresh teak and uniqueness to the world of Pikachu in Pokémon. Brilliant, colorful, takes you to a happy place.55


Ok3 star

Love the book and I love the videos in the book book but it’s also kind of weird35


Stupid1 star

This is poop. Just a bunch of pictures of some poopy guy trying to be ash Ketchum. Not to mention blurry pictures of pikachus butt. Pikachu is usually cute, in this he looks like a demon. Would rate 015


What the heck1 star

I didn’t have to pay a dime for this, but I still feel strangely cheated.15


:(1 star

I miss the artwork why Panaman WHYYYY!? This book was so much better with the artwork...15

king corn128

pokemon5 star

good book55

Pika awesomeness

I mean I loved Pokemon3 star

U can't use say it's horrible but : not the best or yay stuff like that u can't just say its horrible.35


LOL5 star

So very funnyz55

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