The Slacker Confessions

The Slacker Confessions Summary

Comedian and actor Tommy Campbell's award-winning collection of stories from his hilarious and dangerous “working education” throughout the nineties. He got his first full-time job at fourteen and went on to document the funny experiences he had and the crazy characters he worked with in restaurants, pubs, travel agencies, cubicles, crack houses, courier vans, call centers and more. Have a laugh and be inspired by his true tales of being hired, fired, quitting and all of the pranks, shame and pain in between. "The Slacker Confessions" was a featured book on "CTV AM" and won "Best Emerging Author" by "NOW Magazine".

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Lighthearted and Funny5 star

I love that this book is based on real lifestories. He is genuinely funny and found myself laughing harder at each short story. He shares his life lessons lightheartedly and I love his positive approach. I hope he writes another book soon.55


The Slacker Confessions5 star

Great read. It's easy to empathise with a lot of Stories from Tommy Campbell's book. It reminds me of all the adventures and characters that you meet with your 'starter jobs' when you're young.55

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