The Symbol of Japan

The Symbol of Japan Summary

This brochure is an introduction to the following topics from a perspective of Shinto, the indigenous faith of Japan: 1. What is the role of the Emperor of Japan? 2. How does a new Emperor ascend to the throne? 3. The Emperor and the Japanese today. How is Shinto related to the Emperor of Japan? The Shinto faith has been an integral part of Japanese culture, including an Imperial lineage that has a history of over two thousand years. In other words, the faiths or customs, related to deities and inherited to this day by many Japanese are collectively called “Shinto.” Therefore the Emperor, who is the core of Japanese culture, observes rituals or ceremonies in accordance with time-honored tradition, known as “Shinto” today. The same can be said for the Imperial succession. By knowing the Emperor of Japan, you will also notice the soul of Japan. On this occasion, would you like to experience the ancient, but modern, Japan?

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