A Basic Introduction to Astronomy

A Basic Introduction to Astronomy Summary

Astronomy. The Science of the Universe. In this book you will learn in a dynamic and fun, astronomy. A science intriguing, with many mysteries and unknown information. Discover a new way to read and learn from this book dynamic and interactive!

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Book had no price. Simply said (Get).1 star

Got charged when the book simply said (GET) where the price usually is. Got a notification from Apple wallet I had been charged. Am I missing something here?15


A great book5 star

This was honestly a great book. It was really interesting and gave me a lot of knowledge. I am looking forward to reading more books like this.55


Great book for studying4 star

I think it’s a great book for studying because it provides a lot of information and though it may not be that fun to read it makes up in your grade if you read it enough and you might turn out to be an ace at work afterwards bu I do think it could be longer with mor information but otherwise is amazing!😀45

Lara Rebooted

Very basic, badly formatted2 star

I ended up deleting this off of my iPad after looking it over, because the whole way you navigate the book is so annoying and counterintuitive that I couldn't enjoy reading it. The text seemed to be all right, but it's very VERY short and it's scope is remarkably limited. You get what you pay for, I guess. Just download the NASA app from the iTunes app store and you'll get the basics in even better depth, and the format will be less annoying.25


Need it5 star

I am learning about space in tag so I will really need it ( talented and gifted )55


God!5 star

It's a good book. Interactive! Very beautiful! =)55


Very Good!5 star

It's a very good book.55

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