Hubble Space Telescope Discoveries

Hubble Space Telescope Discoveries Summary

Soar through the universe with the Hubble Space Telescope, exploring discoveries from dark energy to colliding galaxies. This highly interactive eBook features video, image galleries and more to reveal the record of scientific breakthroughs behind Hubble’s stunning images of the cosmos.
For more than two decades, Hubble has had a front-row seat for cosmic events: comets plunging into Jupiter, the explosive death of stars, the birth of new solar systems, and more. In the process, it has changed the face of astronomy. Learn about Hubble’s revelations and take a tour of the history and technology of the telescope.

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Porter Hoppel

Hubble space telescope5 star

I love it55


Beautiful5 star

Amazing! every single page, video, photo was a delight. Thanks for this amazing book.55


Awesome!!!5 star

This book is a must have for any amateur astronomy enthusiast. Not only is it beautifully put together it is easy enough for youth to understand. Kudos to NASA55


Simply Beautiful5 star

Excellent book. Thank you and NASA for putting this together. It is full of incredible photos and images taken by Hubble. I appriciated how it didn’t feel like a college text book, but more of a compilation of incredible images with brief and simple explinations. The way these images look on a Retina iPad is just plain remarkable. This book has got me more excited about astronomy and cosmology. Thanks again!55


PUZZLED!!!4 star

I downloded it, synchronized it using iTunes, but it doesn't appear in my iBooks of my 5s. I love such books and I want to read and enjoy this one. Help me friends, please.45


amazing.5 star

beautiful pictorials. the explanations of the telescope itself are very well done. thank-you.55

Electron media

Worth spending every minute5 star

These are the best ebooks I have probably read on my life! Make sure you checkout the other ebook about Webb telescope as well.55

Springhaven 844

The best thing on my iPad5 star

This is a truly extraordinary collection of images and explanations a lay person can appreciate.55

Mt Vernon Va

Hubble Space Telescope Discoveries5 star

I have not experienced the download difficulties that others have. This is an amazing book. The interviews, movies, and photos are well worth the long download time. Enjoy!55


The best bok5 star

This is a great book it's has nice pics of space55

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